Everyone is a photographer these days. Your camera is with you 24/7. Images fill the air; some good; some “meh”; and some that really should have gone the way of the recycle bin. But, every once in awhile… there is magic. I am on year 50 + of a long search for that one shot where sometime the magic actually does work.

Pat Jordan, photographer
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Photo of Me
What made me want to do this? Think about one of your favorite childhood memories. The black and white photo is of my uncle, grandfather, dad and grandmother one Easter making ravioli from scratch at the kitchen table of my grandparent’s house. The foreground shot is of my niece doing the same some 40 years later at her mother’s kitchen table. The black and white only existed in a slide from back in the day and I put this photo together. I get a warm glow in my heart when I look at this composite. Having access to computer enhanced imagery is such a blessing these days. It has less to do with want any more as it does with need. I see these images and think about the generations to come who will hopefully appreciate the time and effort it took to blend these and what it will mean to them. Recently a friend posted some old black and white shots from the 1930’s of family members. At war, at vacation, at work, it didn’t matter. The point was the connection and the history of which we are all a part. I think of the person who shies away from the camera at a gathering saying, “Oh, I hate having my picture taken!” but think. If your great grandmother said the same thing, you would not have that awesome shot of her on an elephant with her guide and the pyramids in the background! The point is to record history. If not for you and your faulty memory, for the generations to come.
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